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Balaju Yantra Shala (P) Ltd.(BYS) is one of the leading engineering companies of Nepal. It was established as a Joint Venture Project of Nepal Industrial Development Corporation (NIDC) and Swiss Association For Technical Assistance (SATA) in 1960. BYS is now a private, professional enterprise providing technical services for both national and international clients. Having installed a series of most sophisticated machines, BYS is the best equipped mechanical works

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Steel Constructions

    BYS produces all steel parts required for construction and maintenance of suspension and truss bridges. KAAA British Gurkha, Suspension Bridge Dividion/ Nepal Govt. are regular clients.

    BYS fabricates roof trueses, electric and telecommunication towers, emergency fire escape staircase, water tanks, etc. according to the design provided by customer or its own design according to customer specification.

                                   BYS Steel Truss

      Major Works in Steeel Constructions:

         1. Granty Towers for Lower Modi I Hydropower

         2. Lift Tower for wood land Hotel, Durbarmarg, Kathmandu

          3. Roof truss structure for Patan Hospital, KIST Medical College, Lower Modi Power House

         5. Fire escape staircase for Check-in-Bhoot for Several Domestic and International Airlines.

               Grandy Tower of Lower Modi I HPP(10MW) designed, fabricated and erected by BYS

                  Suspension Bridge Fabrication by BYS

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