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Balaju Yantra Shala (P) Ltd.(BYS) is one of the leading engineering companies of Nepal. It was established as a Joint Venture Project of Nepal Industrial Development Corporation (NIDC) and Swiss Association For Technical Assistance (SATA) in 1960. BYS is now a private, professional enterprise providing technical services for both national and international clients. Having installed a series of most sophisticated machines, BYS is the best equipped mechanical works

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BYS has been the pioneer in the design of Cross Flow Turbines. It has played an instrumental part in the development of cross flow turbines which started in 1973 with its first model T1. The research and development work by BYS culminated int he T-15 cross flow turbine, now being manufactured by BYS. BYS has highly skilled technicians who have beed involved in fabrication and installation of turbine for more than 20 years. Our turbines have also  been installed in countries like Bhutan, Burma, India, Malaysia, Zambia, etc.

Currently, BYS is menufacturing new model of turbine for higher power generation (above 100KW) which has mechanical efficiency above 75%.

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